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Jr Rockstarz Group Lessons

Jr Rockstarz is our awesome group learning programme for children aged 7+ who what to learn music the fun way.

Working together as part of a small ‘musical team’, our Rockstarz support one another as they develop skills in guitar technique, music theory and performance skills. 

We put a big focus on children developing transferrable skills like teamwork, listening and communication skills which we encourage them to carry into other areas of their lives.

On top of group lessons, we also run a varied programme of events throughout the year including camps, concerts and festivals, giving our Rockstarz plenty of opportunities to showcase their progress.

1-2-1 lessons

Online lessons are a great way to learn to play guitar with us.  There are loads of advantages to learning online that won’t have crossed your mind.  Our highly experienced online Tutors are skilled at smashing through the laptop screen and delivering amazing learning experience directly into your living room.

1-2-1 Online lessons

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